About Us


Learning & Experiencing the Word of God is our motto.

Educon Travel tours are the result of our love for travel, faith, culture, history, and relationships. We are a Christian organization interested in letting the Bible speak for itself, using the tools of archaeology, sightseeing and historical investigation to encourage our hearts concerning its relevance in our lives.

We have 7 Principles for Touring:

  1. Our tours are theme-based: We choose a theme which guides us as we create an itinerary for your tour, one which you will find personally gratifying in your mind and heart.
  2. With a carefully chosen theme and itinerary in hand, we craft an educational outline for your tour. For us it’s not enough to just see the sites, but we want to understand what happened in these places and what those events mean in our lives today.
  3. Our prices are economical and up-front: Our goal is to give everyone, not just the “traveling class,” the opportunity for Christian travel. We keep prices low and we don’t surprise you with exorbitant fees for “special excursions.”
  4. We handpick our guides: Believing that a guide can make or break a tour, we look for positive, personable, smart, energetic, guides who can add value to our tours.
  5. We enjoy authentic local food, which is so much better than “American buffets” in hotels!
  6. We stay in accommodations in interesting, walkable locations.
  7. We create memorable WOW! experiences throughout our tours. If you’ve ever been on a bus tour for a week or two, you’ll immediately notice the difference. We do things like renew marriage vows in Cana, sing hymns in the theater in Ephesus, share the Lord’s Supper in the Dormition Abbey, have a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus Straight, pray at the Wailing Wall, learn Greek dance on the Island of Patmos, worship the Lord on Mt. Sinai, and many, many other things.

For more information concerning our philosophy of travel, please see About the Director. Also, check out our Rave Reviews to read what others have said about our tours. And, finally, there’s an expanded version of the 7 Principles of Touring in an article I wrote for Ken Chitwood’s Blog. Please give it a look, if you have the time, by clicking this link. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please email or call toll-free 866-277-2383. We would love to talk to you about your travel plans.