About the Director

I’m Richard Ross, the founder and director of Educon Travel. Over the years I’ve traveled around the world, meeting people and building relationships, immersing myself in a variety of cultures and church settings.

As I’ve reflected on my experiences and how travel has helped me to grow, I’ve chosen to do things a little different with Educon Travel. First, we prefer small groups. You may organize a large group with us if you like, but we love the way smaller groups enable us to remain flexible during a tour and to build a cohesive bond among all of the members. After a tour it’s not unusual for the group to stay in regular contact, to share photographs and to even get together from time-to-time to share memories from the tour.

Second, our guided tours are theme-based, in contrast to the more common generic, one-size fits all kind of tour. The benefit for you is that you know exactly what you’re going to get even before you even leave your home. The themes are interesting and uplifting. We use the best teachers and materials available.

Third, our tours are experience-driven. I believe it’s my responsibility as your tour director to give you something memorable to take home with you every single day while on tour. Maybe it’s a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus Straight in Istanbul, a worship service on Mars Hill in Athens, a drawing lesson while sitting on the steps of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, a hot air balloon ride in Cappadoccia, a hymn-sing in the theater in Ephesus, hearing a Bach cantata played in the Leipzig Cathedral, a half-day archaeological dig in Israel or something else entirely different. Whatever we do it will be something you’ll want to remember forever.

That’s my goal, to give you an absolutely unforgettable experience of a lifetime, one that you’ll talk about for years to come. If this kind of touring sounds like your kind of touring, give us a call and let’s start talking about how we can make your dream tour a reality.