Rave Reviews


Our travelers have said some wonderful things about Educon Travel tours. We want to give you the same kind of experience.

“When I took a group of 15 students to the UK, I wanted to hit places that would both be of interest to our particular group, but also places that would serve the topics of the class I was teaching. I can’t imagine a better way to get this highly-customized need addressed. A generic, pre-packaged tour couldn’t have provided what we need, but Richard came through. Moreover, his connections and understanding of the culture and churches in the country helped us make long-lasting, rewarding connections. His detailed, and thoughtful planning made the trip a success. Dr. Jeffrey Mallinson

“Our Holy Land Tour was the trip of a lifetime. Although, we are not calling it THE trip of a lifetime now, but the first of what we hope will be several trips to the Holy Land. Kathy and I are already talking about other places we might like to see with you next time around!” Pastor Paul Frank

“The trip was just outstanding, more than I could have possibly imagined!” Wanda S.

“We had such a wonderful time. It was intense! The memories will be with us always. Our faith was strengthened and renewed. We can’t thank you enough. The tour guides and accommodations were the best we could have imagined!” Marilyn & Larry G.

“The tour was just amazing. We enjoyed clean and unique hotel accommodations and we particularly enjoyed delicious, varied, and authentic local meals.” Tina K.

“Fantastic trip. Enjoyed the meals, lodging, tickets, all inclusive pricing, and being flexible!” Martina K.

“Thanks for all the behind the scenes service that made a great trip possible.” Robert S.

“Wow! The tours, Bible studies, fellowship, all more than we expected. We began as strangers and left as family, learning about cultures and God’s plan for our lives. A superb experience!” Don & Rose K.

“How can I adequately thank you for a most memorable two weeks? My mind is full of many good sights and sounds, but mostly of the wonderful group of Christians I was privileged to travel with. You did a fabulous job in taking care of every detail.” Rosetta B.

“We are impressed with your ability to integrate learning, spiritual growth and site seeing! We look forward to future trips!” Paul & Linda S.

“This was a great tour and your dedication to the group was great; we never had to worry because you solved all of our problems. Thank you very much!” Joe & Freda

One woman wrote to us a week after the tour: “Thank you! What a spectacular vacation!  I enjoyed every minute of it and even dreamed of it last night!” Terre B.

“I was able to see how the thread of the early church connected to the present through our travels and learning.” Susan B.

“I was overwhelmed by the whole experience…the fellowship was awesome and the dinner cruise on the Bosporus was amazing!” Donna V.

“To see the backdrop of the church for which we struggle today was very moving and enlightening.” Pat L.

“One of my favorite parts of the tour was the daily devotions; they set the tone for what we would see and learn for the rest of the day.” Robert S.

Thank you for an AMAZING trip and a wonderful experience…. Paul and I look forward to working with you again on our Reformation-Germany tour in 2020! Ken C.  

My goal is to give you a great travel experience, to provide everything you need to enjoy a sense of discovery as we dig into the history and culture of different places. I hope you too can join us on one of our inspirational Christian travel tours.

Richard Ross, director