Elephantopia 2018

MAY 28 – JUNE 9, 2018

$5850 for 13 Days*

Registration is still possible! Please email us for more information at educon@educontravel.com

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribably sensations.”  William Burchell, renowned English explorer

Elephantopia, a cutting edge elephant conservation group, is hosting this tour. Director Elizabeth Steinbart writes: “I would like to invite you to experience Africa with Elephantopia and journey with us to Zambia. It is my hope you will not only fall in love with the beautiful country, people, and wildlife of Zambia, but that you will be inspired to join us in our efforts to save elephants and build community with others from around the world. We will have the opportunity to visit with the orphaned elephants cared for by our partners at GRI Elephant Orphanage, meet the children we support at a rural school in Mukambi, and explore three distinct parts of Zambia: Kafue National Park, the world’s largest wildlife park; South Luangwa National Park, one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world; and Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven great wonders.”

Join Elephantopia on this eco-tourist adventure and know that you are making a difference in the lives of the people and wildlife in Zambia! CLICK HERE for a flyer for the tour.


PREPARATIONS: Plan to fly into LUSAKA, ZAMBIA, arriving Monday, May 28. And plan to leave Zambia from LIVINGSTONE, Saturday, June 9.



DAY 1 – MAY 28 – MONDAY – We arrive in Lusaka, Zambia. After a long flight we’ll enjoy an evening with our hosts from the GRI Elephant Orphanage. We’ll overnight at Eureka Camping Park www.eurekacamp.com

DAY 2 – MAY 29 – TUESDAY – After a hearty breakfast we’ll begin our day with a behind the scenes tour of the Lilayi Elephant Nursery, home to the youngest members of Game Rangers International’s (GRI) rescued elephant calves. Check them out by clicking on the GRI logo below.

The elephants live with their keepers 24/7 and have daily walks through the Lilayi Game Reserve. Survival skills are a part of their training program. They play in the mud or learn to grab branches from trees to supplement their diet. They learn to behave as a herd and interact with other wild animals in a safe, secure environment before graduating to the release facility in Kafue National Park. While visiting, we’ll get to meet the keepers, tour the facilities, and possibly even help prepare the elephants’ milk formula! We will also watch the elephants come in from their morning walks, feed, and play–the perfect opportunity for pictures of these sweet animals!

In the afternoon, we’ll drive to Mukambi Safari Lodge, where we’ll absorb the wonders of this land with a tropical sunset cruise. Click here for more info about the lodge: www.mukambi.com

DAY 3 – MAY 30 – WEDNESDAY – We’ll begin our day with a morning game drive, with a chance to see hippos, crocodiles, elephants, lions, and zebras. Last year, we saw crocodiles jumping off the banks, hippos showing off their giant teeth, a crowd of hundreds of baboons running through the forest, and a family of elephants crossing the road right next to our jeep!

In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Mukambi Community School. Elephantopia supports the school, and we’re also funding a water project. We’ll have the opportunity to visit with students at the school. We’ll close the day with an afternoon game drive and dinner with the founder and director of GRI, Sport Beattie. Click on the link for more info about the community www.elephantopia.org/sponsor-a-student

We’ll enjoy a second night at Mukambi Safari Lodge: www.mukambi.com

DAY 4 – MAY 31 – THURSDAY – In the morning, we’ll visit Hook Bridge GRI’s Anti-Poaching HQ – a dynamic, inspiring experience. After lunch, we’ll drive to Camp Phoenix – the Kafue Release Facility (KRF), where the older elephant orphans are rehabilitated and eventually released. Here’s the link: www.gamerangersinternational.org/index.php/kafue-release-facility

We’ll overnight at Musungwa Lodge: www.musungwa.com

DAY 5 – JUNE 1 – FRIDAY – Kavala, our orphaned elephant, lives at KRF. We’ll have the opportunity to do a morning walk with the keepers and the elephants, and we’ll drive out into communities to see GRI’s initiatives to mitigate human-elephant conflict in Kafue National Park. We’ll have dinner with the camp directors, Lisa and Theo, and we’ll enjoy a second night at Musungwa Lodge: www.musungwa.com


DAY 6 – JUNE 2 – SATURDAY – This morning we’re on our way to Flatdogs Camp in Mfuwe, a short domestic flight away. We’ll overnight at Flatdogs Camp, which you can take a look at here: www.flatdogscamp.com

DAY 7 – JUNE 3 – SUNDAY – Today, we begin our three day journey through South Luangwa National Park, one of the last great wildlife wonders of the world. We’ll go on game drives, walking safaris, and night game drives. Wildlife sightings may include leopards, lions, elephants, giraffe, zebras, hippos, and many other creatures. Don’t be surprised if elephants wander through our camp and you hear lions roar in the distance as you drift off to sleep! We’ll overnight at Flatdogs Camp again. Here’s the link: www.flatdogscamp.com

DAY 8 – JUNE 4 – MONDAY – More feasting on the wonders of South Luangwa National Park will make you want to stay forever! We’ll overnight at Flatdogs Camp: www.flatdogscamp.com

DAY 9 – JUNE 5 – TUESDAY – Today is the day you’ll begin to believe it is your calling to move to Zambia! We’ll have our last night at Flatdogs Camp: www.flatdogscamp.com

DAY 10 – JUNE 6 – WEDNESDAY – Our destination is Livingstone, named for the explorer, David Livingstone, a short domestic flight from Mfuwe. Livingstone is filled with arts, crafts, and architecture, museums, great food, and cultural artifacts. After a day of travel, we’ll overnight at The Victoria Falls Waterfront. You can find more info here www.thevictoriafallswaterfront.com

DAY 11 – JUNE 7 – THURSDAY – In the morning we’ll visit Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders and one of the most spectacular natural sites in the world, with a volume of a much as 700,000 cubic yards of water falling per minute. The spray of the falls can be clearly seen from a distance of 20 miles and it’s called, Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “The Smoke That Thunders.” In the afternoon, we’ll visit the famous crafts market of Livingstone. We’ll enjoy a second night at The Victoria Falls Waterfront: www.thevictoriafallswaterfront.com

DAY 12 – JUNE 8 – FRIDAY – Today, we’ll have a chance to walk with protected rhinos, and we’ll have our last evening together on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. This is our last night at The Victoria Falls Waterfront: www.thevictoriafallswaterfront.com

DAY 13 – JUNE 9 – SATURDAY – We fly home from Livingstone (or Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe) today. This is the end of our journey with the elephants and with so many other animals, and sights and experiences, and people in Zambia. May the memories you take home with you make a lasting and positive difference in your life.


Elizabeth Steinbart is the founder and director of ElephantopiaAfter living in South Africa, she returned to the U.S. with a passion to raise awareness about elephants, the ivory trade, and human-elephant conflict. 

Elephantopia began as a personal blog and is now a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit charity seeking to Save Elephants and Build Community with people like you. Elephantopia partners with the GRI Elephant Orphanage in Zambia to raise funds to cover expenses for Kavalamanja, an orphaned elephant victim of the ivory trade, supports education projects, and funds development for clean water access for the Mukambi community.

Join the herd and take a trip with us to Zambia, June 2018!


* The price may change because of dramatic fluctuations in exchange rates or inflation. You will be informed of any significant changes in the fare no later than 90 days before the beginning of the tour.

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