Great Reasons for Student Travel

There are many reasons for making travel a part of your school’s curriculum. Here are a few of them:

  1. Travel Encourages Learning: Students often find that touring stimulates their desire to learn and grow. The discoveries that were made, the monuments that were built, the treaties that were signed and so many other things become real when students finds themselves “on the ground.”
  2. Travel Equips Learning. When students touch, smell and see the ruins, the landmarks and the art, when they taste the food, when they speak the local language and when they listen to and experience the music and all of the other things in an historic location they more easily integrate what they’ve learned, remember it and make it meaningful for themselves.
  3. Travel Encourages Socialization: Students often grow as communicators as they tour, developing relationships across generational boundaries with faculty and among themselves with persons they may never have befriended otherwise.
  4. Travel Builds Self-confidence: Students often return home from overseas study tours with a stronger sense of self, a better understanding of what is needed to care for themselves and they’re better equipped for what lies ahead of them as independent adults.
  5. Travel Promotes Cross-cultural Understanding: Learning local customs, religious mores, language, foods and music increases students’ receptivity of people different from themselves.