International Airfare

There are two options for arranging a flight toBritish Airways 747 a tour’s starting point:

(1) You may book an individual fare with Educon Travel for a service fee of $25. However, you may take care of this yourself very easily using one of the many travel search engines available online. Below are links to these sites along with reviews from Consumer Search.

PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing a fare, confirm with us the tour’s itinerary and your intended arrival time. Important: You need to plan to leave home at least one day before the tour begins if you’re departing from the USA.

(2) You may book a group fare with us if you have a group of 10 or more persons from your church, school, etc. We will book group fares for our tours for no extra charge.

Reviews of Travel Search Engines is cited by a significant majority of reviews as the best travel search engine. says it searches more than 200 travel sites, primarily through,,, and other aggregator sites. You can set search parameters to include multiple destinations, surrounding airports, and flexible dates as well as a preference for nonstop flights. says is the easiest to use, and the fares hold up when you click through to book a flight. The New York Times applauds the baggage fee calculator, which makes it easy to see the total cost to fly. has some nifty features that help users make flight decisions. A fare history chart shows the lowest and average fares found during the month of departure, so you can consider how arrival and departure dates might affect the airfare. Another chart shows the lowest fares over the past 90 days, so you can judge whether it’s a good time to buy.

Kayak’s system lets you receive daily or weekly pricing updates via email or Facebook. The fare alert can be set up for exact or flexible travel dates and shows the best fares by airline. is a meta-search engine that specializes in just flights and hotels. The flight search is powered by Kayak’s search engine and has an identical user interface, search parameters, and fare-history charts. However, unlike, which tracks all flights for a given timeframe and route, only sends you a fare alert if the price changes for a specific flight on a specific airline. The downside to this system is you won’t receive notification about other flights or airlines when they lower their prices.

Experts recommend for travelers who want to pursue a refund if the fare drops after booking a domestic flight (but, alas, international flights don’t offer refunds). You can sign up to receive an email alert if the fare drops by more than applicable re-booking fees, which are $75 – $150 for most airlines. says it has saved its members more than $250 million to-date. For tickets purchased directly from the airline, will walk you through the airline’s refund process. For nonrefundable tickets, the difference in price will be given in the form of a credit or voucher, which must be used on a future flight and within a certain timeframe. If you purchased the ticket through a third-party booking site, your only recourse will be to contact that company and abide by their policies.


Experts say Denmark-based is worth a look for international and, surprisingly, domestic flights as well as hotels. Arthur Frommer, author of the well-known Frommer’s Travel Guides, says you have a good chance of finding a cheaper fare through because it searches sites and regional airlines that other major search engines ignore. (The website says it searches more than 700 travel sites.) Travel and Leisure magazine says this capability makes it best for finding cheap flights in Europe.